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At PRP, we are committed to providing excellent, caring, sophisticated, and comprehensive client service. As your exclusive listing agent, our goal is to sell your home.

For the highest possible price
In the shortest period of time, and
With the most favorable terms

To achieve our stated goals, we will work with you as a team. We pledge to place YOUR interest above the interest of all other parties, including our own.

It is widely believed (and completely true) that location is the single biggest reason why a property sells. But, location is there to stay the way it is. You can neither change nor control the location. Price, physical condition of the property, and your choice of real estate agent are other factors that help you in selling the home. Thankfully, you control all these factors and with our help you will do better.

As your trusted real estate advisor, we provide you with expert guidance on pricing the home right in the first place. More buyers purchase their homes at or below market value than above market value. So, intelligent pricing is the key. We will determine the realistic value of your home using a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of most recent home sales, current market listings, and expired listings.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you improve the physical condition and appearance (kerb appeal) of your property with minimal effort and cost. We will help you find vendors for general maintenance of the property prior to showing. The result is a spic and span home ready to please and floor the prospects.

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