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Perfect Realty Partners provides a wide range commercial real estate services for our investors. We help our investors find acreage land, investment homes, office, retail and industrial properties for investment. With over decades of experience in real estate, Masters' degree in civil engineering, and an MBA in finance, Sri's competence in commercial real estate is amazing. Having spent several years in the corporate world as CEO/CFO, Sri is uniquely positioned to provide a high quality advise to our investor clients.

Every investment opportunity is unique which needs custom analysis of various characteristics that affect its value. We have demonstrated experience in performing sophisticated analysis of various investment opportunities available in the market place. Investment goals include preserving capital, earning profit, and enjoying tax relief. We will leverage our understanding of demand and supply; real estate cycles; and market segmentation to help you accomplish your investment goals.

Every investment opportunity that we present to our investors will include the following:
  • A detailed feasibility study and financial analysis
  • Market analysis (rental rates; occupancy rates; local and regional economy; infrastructure)
  • Property specific due diligence. Our comprehensive due diligence covers several aspects including zoning, land use, environmental compliance, and deed restrictions. Download our data sheet on a specific due diligence that we performed.
  • Financial model (operating expenses; debt equity structure; cost of capital; tax planning; cash flow; NPV and IRR)

Real estate investments allow highest leveraging opportunity among all investment alternatives. A wide range of financing options is available. With a strong knowledge of corporate finance, and access to several institutions and funds, we are uniquely positioned to help our investors fund their investments via debt and/or equity syndication. We facilitated and/or advised several multi-million dollar real estate investments.

We are experts in Real Estate Syndication. Download our presentation on Investment Syndication to know how you could build wealth passively. Call us (469) 536-8695 or for more details on our syndicated investment deals.


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