Investment in Single Family Homes
Most often, present primary residence is a future investment home. In such a scenario, a home owner buys a home for their principal residence, lives there for some time ant then moves out to a different home either in the same town or out of town. Read More>>

Investment in Acreage Lots
DFW real estate market is booming. Investors are fearful of a possible downturn, but land buying spree continues unabated. Investment in land is not only speculative but also illiquid. Caution is required in selection of acreage land for your investment portfolio. Not all lands suit all investors. Several factors need to be considered. Click here for guidance on investment in acreage lots.

Basics of Commercial Real Estate Investment
An individual investor is almost always marginalized, cannot outbid institutional investors on large, urban properties; and as a rule, loses out to end users on small, sub-urban properties. Large investors with a stockpile of low cash, grab large properties with credible tenants and stable cash flows. In case of smaller properties, banks prefer owner occupied buildings over investor owned buildings. Hence, end users will outbid individuals on small, sub-urban properties. To add this, an individual is always tempted to apply their knowledge of residential real estate.

As compared to Residential Real Estate, commercial real estate is tough to understand and involves complex analysis. In most cases, rent alone decides the value of a commercial property. For more informatin Click here


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