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We receive several inquiries about the pros and cons of buying an investment home. Without a question, Investment home is one of the most secure and passive investment alternatives available for most individuals with disposable income and stable employment. However, finding a right home to invest into is a challenge. Investors should put themselves in the shoes of prospective renters before buying a home. Renter's preferences are little different than owners. Also, investment home should make smart financial sense. Certain criteria like acquisition cost, home size, and neighborhood characteristics set apart a great investment home from the rest. This is exactly what we do.

Before moving on to purchase an investment home, it is important for you to determine what your investment goals are, how much more can you borrow, and ideal size of investment. Also, it is worthwhile to review your current investments and how your overall portfolio is performing. Given the possibility for hugely leveraged acquisition, proper allocation of your investment dollars into investment homes could boost the overall performance of your portfolio. We have put together a great spreadsheet to help our investors make decisions on buying an investment home. We will be happy to share and train you on this tool. Just give us a call at (469) 252 1252 or email us

We spend several hours of research to determine ideal homes for investment. From time to time, we identify some neighborhoods, which in our view offer greatest potential for stable cash-on-cash returns. Please give us a call or send us an email to know more details about high potential investment homes.


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